Creative maverick Graham Rounthwaite has a reputation for being a progressive and influential art director, designer and illustrator. He has worked for magazines such as The Face, Trace, America Magazine and I-D and also produces fashion illustration for select clients, his illustration style has defined a genre in the modern illustration industry as well as being featured in numerous catalogues, books and exhibitions worldwide. Graham Rounthwaite Studio ‘continues to leave it’s mark upon the design industry. Marrying high profile subjects with leading photographers, the studio uses it’s extensive knowledge and experience to refine concepts and deliver cutting edge work that is right for each individual client’ Here is a selection of his work from the last 10 years.


△ Art Direction for The Face 1999-2003


△ Art Direction for I-D 2010-present

△ Art Direction for America Magazine 2004-present

△ Advertising

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